Privacy Policy

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The Overview:

We don’t have an IT department scouring your information, and we don’t have anything based on servers that will dig and mine your data. The only information we see on our end is information you have entered into the site yourself. If you leave a comment we can dig and find your IP address, but we don’t have a reason to, so we won’t, and we wouldn’t know what to do with it if we had it. We only use the information you give us for the purpose you enter it. We’re not going to email you special offers (we don’t have any at this time) or contact you in any way unless you want us to. You may see tailored ads based on some of the ad stuff we have, and if you leave our site, then other sites will have your info. However, we hope that doesn’t stop you using our advertising partners because they are the reason our websites exist and are able to bring you content you want to see.

If privacy and security is something of major concern to you, there are many resources to help you with any website you visit. There are several ways in which you can ensure further privacy such as the use of a VPN, a privacy browser such as Tor, and browser add-ons such as DuckDuckGo.

All the Blurb:

We are committed to the privacy of every user visiting our sites and will promote the following principles of data collection.

  1. Lawful, fair and transparent: Data collection must be fair, for a legal purpose and we must be open and transparent as to how the data will be used.
  2. Limited for its purpose: Data can only be collected for a specific purpose.
  3. Data minimization: Any data collected must be necessary and not excessive for its purpose.
  4. Accurate: The data we hold must be accurate and kept up to date.
  5. Retention: We cannot store data longer than necessary.
  6. Integrity and confidentiality: The data we hold must be kept safe and secure.

How we get our data:

  1. Information you give us. This may be for the purpose of being on an email list, or to be added to a directory.
  2. Cookies. Our sites are maintained through advertising revenue from affiliates and advertising partners. As such, in order to track sales cookies are used to help keep the sites running.
  3. Internet things. We get your IP address when you post a comment. Don’t worry, it gets deleted after a couple of months and we don’t do anything with it unless you are trying to dump spam all over the site, then one of our plug-ins will block you.

What we do with data:

  1. In the case of any information you give us, we do whatever you want with it. If you want to receive emails, we’ll send them. If you want to appear in a directory or events list where one is present, then that’s what will happen.
  2. In the case of cookies, as previously mentioned, where ads are present we may use them to track sales. This is an Internet thing and no one at PsychSpot sees this information in a way that is identifiable. All we see is when an advertisement results in a sale, and then we see revenue, not personal information.
  3. The IP address of comments are stored for two months. IP addresses are used when blocking spam or malicious content and improving the experience for people who are using the site legitimately.

What we don’t do with data:

  1. Anything outside of the above. We don’t sell it or use it for any purpose other than that which you gave it to us. If you don’t want emails, unsubscribe. If you want to be removed from a directory, remove it, or ask us to.
  2. We won’t keep the data on file any longer than is needed to meet the purpose we have it. Advertising cookies expire, and you have the ability to remove information from directories and unsubscribe from email lists.

Your rights:

  1. You can request any data we have
  2. Ask us to remove anything you don’t want, or stop sending emails or any listings etc.


We may use advertising partners and tools to support the site. In fact, most of the links away from the site are going to be affiliate links to help support the site. When you click on advertising links you are leaving our site and your cookies may track you. Advertising links may appear on pages or in individual posts. We would like to refer to you these services and their policies for what happens to your information once you leave our site.


In order for our sites to work properly, and because we’re not experts at coding, we use plug-ins. These plug-ins are constantly being updated to ensure privacy and security meet all applicable laws, as well as to improve how they work, which in turn helps with your experience on the sites. If you like the way something works on this site, one of these plug-ins probably made it happen.


If you have any issues with anything on either site please contact us on either or