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  • The Pursuit Of Being Alive Pt III

    In our individualistic world we lose sight of the fact that we are all interconnected and need each other. We don’t lose anything by trying to help someone else, and yet we can gain so much.

  • The Pursuit Of Being Alive Pt II

    Your goals may have changed, and some of what you once wanted to achieve may not be realistic anymore. That doesn’t mean you cannot still have value, purpose, and achieve goals you are passionate about.

  • The Pursuit Of Being Alive Pt I

    The Stanford Prison Experiment showed how easy it is for someone to feel trapped and like a prisoner when they have all the freedom in the world. How often do we feel trapped and without options?

  • Happy Christmas Or Merry Christmas?

    A “new you” doesn’t have to wait, and a “new you” won’t magically happen on January 1st. But that doesn’t mean a “new you” can’t happen. It can happen at any moment you choose. Don’t put magical meaning on a day.

  • The Pursuit Of Unhappiness. Pt III

    The bad news is that there is so little in this world that we have control over. The good news is that there is so little in this world that we have control over.

  • The Pursuit Of Unhappiness. Pt II

    In a world where everything flies at us at the speed of light, it is easy to think that happiness can be a replacement for peace. It’s certainly quicker to attain, just watch your favourite TV show for 30 minutes. However, it is easier to lose as well. Happiness is the wrong goal and a wasted pursuit.

  • One Time Only – Off-Topic – Net Neutrality

    In 2 days the FCC will vote on net neutrality – It will be a similar vote process to the DNC primary last year, and will have a similar impact on the world. If you like the internet, watching Netflix, and not having your ISP tell you which sites to go to, please follow the steps in the post.

  • The Pursuit Of Unhappiness. Pt I

    It’s harder to talk to people about what is right, than what is wrong. And we wonder why we’re not happy.

  • I Think I Can – I Think I Can – I… Oh… Pt III

    Not one of us on this planet is able to easily achieve all we ever dreamed of without hard work, failure, missed goals, self-doubt, and most importantly, the support of someone we trust.

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