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  • Hope Floats Pt I

    There are two aspects to hope that I am going to talk about in this article and both will demonstrate just how important hope is in any endeavour, including survival. Maybe even especially survival. One aspect is self-reliance, and the other is being reliant on others. Both are equally important in hope. First though, we have to get through a little bit of dark research from the 1950s.

  • The Psychology Of A Goalkeeper Pt III

    Somewhere in your life is a goalkeeper, feeling the pressure to hold things together while everyone else is doing step-overs, and trying to get on the scoresheet. For me it’s my wife. Go find the goalkeeper in your life and show them some love and appreciation.

  • The Psychology Of A Goalkeeper Pt II

    Today we will look at some thoughts on why being a goalkeeper is an underrated position. In some ways it’s soccer’s equivalent of being “just a waitress”. When I used to hire people, anyone who had waiting experience got an… Read More ›

  • The Psychology Of A Goalkeeper Pt I

    Think like a goalkeeper. When things go wrong it has been a series of events. Think about how the failure could have been prevented, and don’t take it personal. It’s an event, not your identity.

  • Get Stressed For Success Pt III

    Success is never final, and failure is never fatal. OK, that’s crap. There are many times when failure has been fatal. But for the most part, failure is just an experience, totally redeemable, and we can learn from and move on from it.

  • Get Stressed For Success Pt II

    We allow other people’s goals to become our goals. In many cases this isn’t a bad thing, we go further when we work together, but we need to find a way to make both happen, and make sure the goals have value.

  • Get Stressed For Success Pt I

    Our society is set up to make us feel that whatever we are doing, it is never enough. It seems that sometimes we think the only way we can find success is through extreme, ongoing, and daily stress. But when we think of the toil we are taking on our bodies and souls, are we really on a path to success?


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