Social Identity

Social Mehdia Pt II – Thoughts & Prayers

I believe that the #thoughtsandprayers phenomena is just one more symptom of Covfefe disorder where we want to move on quickly to the next thing, but we also want to feel we’ve done something. We need to slow down.


Style or Substance?

Reality is hard. Reality takes time. Reality takes being vulnerable, and that is one step too far for most people. The sad thing is that too many people putting too much effort into looking good, playing the game that makes things look like they are going well, and they are afraid to show the cracks.

Why Do We Abandon Principles?

You don’t have to be a clone to fit in. You can still have the areas in common you share with your friends while holding on to your values. The moment you lower your standards and integrity is the moment you begin to disappoint yourself and lose self-esteem.

When Kids Go Robben

If we don’t teach our kids to put in the hard work to win, and we allow the easy route of cheating, they will never know the feeling of working hard to achieve something. They will never feel the pride of accomplishing something. The will know what it feels like to win, but they will never know what it feels like to be a winner.

Social Identity, Team Colours And Woking FC

I became a Stevenage FC supporter on January 4th 1997 for no other reason than I went to see Stevenage play Birmingham in the FA Cup and met some people who accepted me. At the time life was a little shaky and I was encountering a lot of opposition from people I had trusted and respected who in turn betrayed me. I found acceptance in this rowdy bunch of Boro fans. They had no idea who I was, what my history was, where I was from, or anything else. They accepted me unconditionally. I was hooked, and 20 years and a move half way around the world, I am still Boro for life.

How “Us Against The World” Helps Athletes But Not Society

In a wider view of society, the “Them vs. Us” mentality is why we have extremists. They keep the outside out, and the inside protected. They fight harder for something that offers identity and certainty. In the wider world, it forces people into a division. It does the same in sport, with managers like Ferguson and Westley having very few people on the fence about them. In sport it is an amazing culture to build, and in possibly the only way I would dare disagree with Brian Clough (even in death he scares me), I believe it takes a very tough skin to be effective. It takes teams like Stevenage F.C. from being almost relegated from the Conference in 2004 to being in League One seven years later.