Social Identity

One Man’s Pot Noodle Is Another Man’s Gold Pt I

we all have different goals and ambitions. We all have a part to play, and therefore we should not over-estimate or under-estimate our own value in comparison to others.


Social Identity, Labels, And Woking F.C. Pt III

We can’t sit by and allow people to be isolated and then be surprised when they find a place in an extremist group, turning their back on society, or worse, supporting Woking FC.

Social Identity, Labels, And Woking F.C. Pt II

Like it or not, you are in a group. Many groups. Parent, spouse, sport fan, vegan, hunter, political party affiliate. You, me, everyone – we’re in groups and we like it. It is so easy to see differences between us, but we become healthier, stronger, and have stronger mental health if we focus on the areas we have commonality.

Social Identity, Labels, And Woking F.C. Pt I

We apply labels to ourselves, and depending on who is reading the label the meaning may change. Describing someone as an immigrant, conservative, liberal, *insert religion*, *insert nationality*, or Woking FC supporter means different things to different people. We love labels. The problem isn’t that we use labels, the problem is that we allow them to become a definition of the whole person.

Style or Substance?

Reality is hard. Reality takes time. Reality takes being vulnerable, and that is one step too far for most people. The sad thing is that too many people putting too much effort into looking good, playing the game that makes things look like they are going well, and they are afraid to show the cracks.

Why Do We Abandon Principles?

You don’t have to be a clone to fit in. You can still have the areas in common you share with your friends while holding on to your values. The moment you lower your standards and integrity is the moment you begin to disappoint yourself and lose self-esteem.