Performance Psychology

Get Stressed For Success Pt III

Success is never final, and failure is never fatal. OK, that’s crap. There are many times when failure has been fatal. But for the most part, failure is just an experience, totally redeemable, and we can learn from and move on from it.


You Failed, But You’re Not A Failure! Pt I

Whether you learned anything or not, you aren’t a failure. It is not possible for you to be a failure. A failure is a temporary event or action. No matter how many times you fail it can never take away your value as a human.

The ABC Of Behavior Pt I

Consequence’s through rewards or punishment are how we raise children, encourage team members, coach athletes, discourage criminal behavior, and any number of other behaviors we want to see modified in some way. What if we adjusted our sights a little and in our quest for self-improvement change our patterns by changing the things that influence us?

Willpower – Is It Real? Pt I

We often think about willpower as being the strength to resist something – the piece of cake, the third cookie, another handful of Doritos. What if willpower is better viewed as a motivator towards something else, or doesn’t even exist?

Are You Practicing Or Rehearsing? Pt II

Practice is what they do to get better so when they meet their teams or get into the environment where we can apply new tricks they are ready to go. And there, in a nutshell is the differentiating factor – practice improves the individual, rehearsal improves the group.

Are You Practicing or Rehearsing? Pt I

If there is something you can work on, practice it and then take it to rehearsal to see how it can work to improve the team or group. Don’t wait until a skill is needed, bring the solution before the problem arises. The worst case scenario is that you improve yourself, and that is never a bad thing.

You Can’t Teach Ambition

The problem isn’t that “You can’t teach ambition!” The problem is that too many people who see themselves as “ambitious” don’t realise that not everyone has the same life goals and ambitions, or views success in the same way.

Covfefe Disorder Pt I

I remember a phrase my grandparents used to use when I messed something up “More haste, less speed.” Basically, the more you rush to get something done, the more likely you are to mess it up.

The Athlete and the er… Not-So-Athlete

Does development in a team sport always have to be about the game, or can we also help our kids develop by encouraging them to help develop others? I think we can do more than teach sport and I think the burden on coaches is to win through developing character, integrity, teamwork, effort, and attitude – not focusing on how to win games.