Mental Health

Creativity and Suicide

The majority of people who commit suicide do so because they feel the world would be better off without them. In fact, suicide letters in a study revealed that this was the difference between people who completed suicide and those who attempted suicide. People who succeeded felt they had nothing to offer the world. We can do better.


Style or Substance?

Create your own goals and take steps to achieve them. Don’t compare your success to the success (perceived or otherwise) of others. Compare your success to the goals you want to achieve for yourself, and I guarantee that while you are taking steps to meet your goals you will feel better about yourself.

You Can’t Teach Ambition

The problem isn’t that “you can’t teach ambition”, the problem is that too many people who see themselves as ambitious don’t realise that not everyone has the same life goals and ambitions. Just because someone doesn’t have blood pressure of 220/110 and show their commitment by losing sleep and living with chest pains, it doesn’t make them less ambitious. It just means their ambitions are different to others who are trying to get ahead in the rat race.

Got Covfefe?

Slow down. Take some time to reflect on your journey. Listen to what people are saying. Don’t sacrifice the journey for the destination, enhance the arrival to the destination by having a great journey to talk about.

Rich People Shouldn’t Be Depressed – And Other Myths…

Depression, anxiety, or any other mental illnesses do not have to be caused by something. People aren’t clinically depressed because they can’t afford to pay their bills, or because they have relationship problems, or any other situation in life, they are depressed because they have depression. People don’t have anxiety because of a circumstance or situation, they have anxiety because they have anxiety. A certain situation may exacerbate the situation and environment may be a factor, but it did not cause it. People are mentally ill because they have a mental illness.

Mental Illness and Coping Like a Superhero

First, let me begin by stating that mental illness does not bring an inherent superpower, as comforting as we may like to believe it does. What I believe is more accurate, is that some people are able to build a counter-balance and a strength as a coping mechanism to work against their illness. If superpowers were part of the package we would all want a mental illness, and we wouldn’t have a need to treat them.