Dealing With Well-Meaning Friends Pt III

By allowing people (whether they are mentally healthy or not) to simply be themselves, we take so much pressure of them, ourselves, and our relationship. If we simply help people to follow their path instead of “helping” them follow a path we think is right, we can create a much better world.


Dealing With Well-Meaning Friends Pt II

Most of us have a decent enough self-awareness to know what makes us different from “the norm”. Tall people know they are tall. Short people know they are short. If someone is 6ft 11ins they don’t need to go to a clothing store to be told “Wow, you don’t fit in normal sized clothes.” It’s not helpful.

Got Stress?

We are constantly in a state of stress. There is always a change or a demand on us. Sometimes it is good, sometimes bad, sometimes neutral. Stress is normal.