Fade To Grey

The reality is that living in the grey zone, going with the flow, and following the Calf Path are the easy options. It takes time, effort, and courage to do something different, to explore, and to create a future you want to see.


Slow Fade

Often we set goals we cannot meet. We may be completely committed to them in theory, and in the ideal world we will achieve them. This isn’t an ideal world and we have both internal and external challenges to be faced and overcome. This week we will look at how to set the right goals, fight the fade, and recover vibrancy.

Hope Floats Pt II

In our last article we looked at self-reliance, and how we can lose sight of reality when we are under pressure and don’t believe we have the tools to continue. In this second installment, we will look at how self-belief… Read More ›

Hope Floats Pt I

There are two aspects to hope that I am going to talk about in this article and both will demonstrate just how important hope is in any endeavour, including survival. Maybe even especially survival. One aspect is self-reliance, and the other is being reliant on others. Both are equally important in hope. First though, we have to get through a little bit of dark research from the 1950s.

Get Stressed For Success Pt III

Success is never final, and failure is never fatal. OK, that’s crap. There are many times when failure has been fatal. But for the most part, failure is just an experience, totally redeemable, and we can learn from and move on from it.