Growth & Development

Get Stressed For Success Pt III

Success is never final, and failure is never fatal. OK, that’s crap. There are many times when failure has been fatal. But for the most part, failure is just an experience, totally redeemable, and we can learn from and move on from it.


You Failed, But You’re Not A Failure! Pt III

Humans are not failures. We get things wrong. We make mistakes. We make bad choices. We experience failure. We are not failures. Ever. No matter what. We are people.

The ABC Of Behavior Pt III

It’s not easy to change a behavior, especially if it has been reinforced over a period of time but by examining the ABC of behavior, and some honest self-awareness and reflection, you can be successful.

The ABC Of Behavior Pt II

The next time you want to Netflix-binge but you know you’ll feel guilty afterwards, do a deal with yourself. Reward yourself with as much Netflix as you want once you have completed all the goals you want to achieve. It may not be free Netflix, but it’s something better – guilt-free Netflix. If that doesn’t get the dopamine flowing nothing will.

The ABC Of Behavior Pt I

Consequence’s through rewards or punishment are how we raise children, encourage team members, coach athletes, discourage criminal behavior, and any number of other behaviors we want to see modified in some way. What if we adjusted our sights a little and in our quest for self-improvement change our patterns by changing the things that influence us?

Blueprint Pt III

Working towards your dreams isn’t easy. It will be a challenge, but it isn’t insurmountable. With the right plan, tools, and team you can start bringing your blueprint to life.

Blueprint Pt I

We are on a journey, and sometimes we get lost on our way to meeting our goals. Often we want to go back and return to what seemed to be more secure and safe times. The reality is there is no going back, and even if we could, we now have new experiences which would make it different.