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Doctoral student of psychology with a fascination for performance psychology, social psychology, behaviorism and mental health.

  • Fade To Grey

    The reality is that living in the grey zone, going with the flow, and following the Calf Path are the easy options. It takes time, effort, and courage to do something different, to explore, and to create a future you want to see.

  • Slow Fade

    Often we set goals we cannot meet. We may be completely committed to them in theory, and in the ideal world we will achieve them. This isn’t an ideal world and we have both internal and external challenges to be faced and overcome. This week we will look at how to set the right goals, fight the fade, and recover vibrancy.

  • Participation Awards vs Performance Recognition Pt III

    Unless you are in a sport such as boxing where there is a long time to prepare for a specific opponent (which even then they could have a different game plan to expected), it is difficult to prepare for every nuance. Rewarding achievement recognizes the result, but it is important to focus on the work it took to achieve the result, and in that context, a participation award may have value.

  • Participation Awards vs Performance Recognition Pt II

    Winning should never be the goal, winning is only a measuring stick for performance. If we focus on the performance, we will see the results improve.

  • Participation Awards vs Performance Recognition Pt I

    For some people, and especially younger players, there is more joy to be had just by being a part of something and being involved in something new than there is in the result.

  • Hope Floats Pt III

    In this series we see how hope requires both self-reliance, and also a belief that the world will be a safe place. As we look at the need for trust and hope, we can see that when a rat did… Read More ›

  • Hope Floats Pt II

    In our last article we looked at self-reliance, and how we can lose sight of reality when we are under pressure and don’t believe we have the tools to continue. In this second installment, we will look at how self-belief… Read More ›


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