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Doctoral student of psychology with a fascination for performance psychology, social psychology and mental health.

  • Culture, Alienation, Boredom and Despair

    If you have been chasing happiness only to find misery, try authenticity for a while. Be real with yourself and others. What is there to lose?

  • The Athlete and the er… Not-So-Athlete

    Does development in a team sport always have to be about the game, or can we also help our kids develop by encouraging them to help develop others? I think we can do more than teach sport and I think the burden on coaches is to win through developing character, integrity, teamwork, effort, and attitude – not focusing on how to win games.

  • Unfinished Projects? Three Easy(ish) Steps to Meeting Your Goals.

    Set 15 minutes of your day aside to work on your goal. If you only spend 15 minutes of your day today working on your goal, you’ll be 15 minutes closer to achieving it than you were this morning.

  • Mental Illness Doesn’t Care if You Are Living the Dream

    Depression, anxiety, or any other mental illnesses do not have to be caused by something. A certain situation may exacerbate the situation and environment may be a factor, but it did not cause it. People are mentally ill because they have a mental illness.

  • The Biggest Mental Loser

    Take one small step to create a better you, and then tomorrow take another small step, and then another. Think of it as entering The Biggest Loser, except your mind is being worked out and made healthier.

  • Superheroes and Mental Illness Pt II

    Mental illness is what it says it is, an illness. It doesn’t care if you are strong or weak, rich or poor, male or female or any other demographic.

  • The Stigma of Mental Health

    I learned of a psychological theory the other day: Pluralistic ignorance. What this theory talks about is the idea that we believe we are the only person to believe something because no one else talks about it, and yet our… Read More ›

  • Stats and Learned Helplessness

    The moment we stop thinking about what we can do better, how we can improve, and we give control over to external factors is the moment we are destined to lose.

  • The Science of Superstition

    You’re wearing your lucky team jersey with your lucky number on the back. you put your left sock on first, you sing the magic song, and you’ve performed your pre-match ritual. Nothing can possibly go wrong, right? Silly superstition, or is there something more to it?

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