Month: February 2018

Does Fear Have You? Pt II

We can walk confidently through a world of danger, but when it comes to our personal fear we will allow our thoughts and energy to be focused on one thing that consumes us.


Does Fear Have You? Pt I

Fear can often cause more harm than good. It makes us do weird things. We don’t always think straight.

Social Identity, Labels, And Woking F.C. Pt II

Like it or not, you are in a group. Many groups. Parent, spouse, sport fan, vegan, hunter, political party affiliate. You, me, everyone – we’re in groups and we like it. It is so easy to see differences between us, but we become healthier, stronger, and have stronger mental health if we focus on the areas we have commonality.

Social Identity, Labels, And Woking F.C. Pt I

We apply labels to ourselves, and depending on who is reading the label the meaning may change. Describing someone as an immigrant, conservative, liberal, *insert religion*, *insert nationality*, or Woking FC supporter means different things to different people. We love labels. The problem isn’t that we use labels, the problem is that we allow them to become a definition of the whole person.