One Time Only – Off-Topic – Net Neutrality

I am sure that like many bloggers, the temptation to go completely rogue and off-topic has been strong.

Something happens in the world, you feel strongly, and you think “Just this once I’ll talk about politics/religion/sport/social affairs etc”.

However, this one time I am going rogue. Why?

Because this impacts everyone who uses the internet. It will impact people with billions of followers, and it will impact those of us with small readership.

In 2 days the FCC will vote on net neutrality – It will be a similar vote process to the DNC primary last year, and will have a similar impact on the world. If you like the internet, watching Netflix, and not having your ISP tell you which sites to go to, please follow these steps:
2. Click on 17-108 (Restoring Internet Freedom)
3. Click EXPRESS
4. Hit ENTER after you put in your name & info.
5. In the comment section: “I strongly support net neutrality backed by Title 2 oversight of ISPs.”

I tried a few times, but the submit button appears dead. Now, this could be a coincidence, but I have my doubts.

However, on the FCC site I was able to find the email address of a guy who works there, so while I believe the website is favourable, you could use this address:


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