Month: October 2017

You Can’t Teach Ambition

The problem isn’t that “You can’t teach ambition!” The problem is that too many people who see themselves as “ambitious” don’t realise that not everyone has the same life goals and ambitions, or views success in the same way.


Covfefe Disorder Pt II

Slow down. Take some time to reflect on your journey. Actively listen to what people are saying. Don’t sacrifice the journey for the destination.

Covfefe Disorder Pt I

I remember a phrase my grandparents used to use when I messed something up “More haste, less speed.” Basically, the more you rush to get something done, the more likely you are to mess it up.

Into The Fog

We don’t always have to have answers or be able to see the end result to feel confident. How many opportunities do people miss out on because they are waiting for a clarity that never arrives?

The Athlete and the er… Not-So-Athlete

Does development in a team sport always have to be about the game, or can we also help our kids develop by encouraging them to help develop others? I think we can do more than teach sport and I think the burden on coaches is to win through developing character, integrity, teamwork, effort, and attitude – not focusing on how to win games.