Month: May 2017

Into the Fog

If you are about to go on a journey of faith, planning to move in a new direction, or you don’t know where to begin on a major project, take heart and throw your anchor into the veil. Take that first step into the fog, and find the next step when you get there. You don’t have to know what comes next and you may be in a better place than you ever imagined when the fog finally clears.


The Athlete and the er… Not-So-Athlete

Based on where I am right now, with my athletic kid trying to drive me to standards that will probably kill me, I am trying to evaluate how much burden is on the people at the higher level to work together to integrate the others into the team. Does development in a team sport always have to be about the game, or can we also help our kids develop by encouraging them to help develop others?

I Just Can’t Quite Finish the Job

NLP is on paper the cheesiest and flakiest kind of psychology you can imagine. Really. It’s completely without scientific merit (at least as we understand science today), and in truth, on first look I would even say it is risky putting it in the realm of psychology. However… it gets results.

Rich People Shouldn’t Be Depressed – And Other Myths…

Depression, anxiety, or any other mental illnesses do not have to be caused by something. People aren’t clinically depressed because they can’t afford to pay their bills, or because they have relationship problems, or any other situation in life, they are depressed because they have depression. People don’t have anxiety because of a circumstance or situation, they have anxiety because they have anxiety. A certain situation may exacerbate the situation and environment may be a factor, but it did not cause it. People are mentally ill because they have a mental illness.

Mental Illness and Coping Like a Superhero

First, let me begin by stating that mental illness does not bring an inherent superpower, as comforting as we may like to believe it does. What I believe is more accurate, is that some people are able to build a counter-balance and a strength as a coping mechanism to work against their illness. If superpowers were part of the package we would all want a mental illness, and we wouldn’t have a need to treat them.

Mental Toughness – Who Is Your Spotter?

I have found one thing to be common in every single person who has made it through a tough time or had a rough start in life and came good. One person. Every person I have ever met who has fought through adversity has had one person who believed in them, supported them, and encouraged them. One person helped them run that first mile, lift their first weights, and achieve the first step. Then they found others.

How The Calf Path Limits Performance

Doing something the way it is done, simply because it is the way it is done, should never be enough for anyone. Why is it done this way? Does it even matter? Focus on the best solution, not the problem. Work on improving the performance, not getting results. If you focus on solutions, problems will be solved. If you focus on performance, results will come. Focus on the substance, not the style. There is always a better path to take, or a more efficient way to travel.

We’re Getting Failure Wrong

The next time someone fails at something and they utter the words “I’m a failure” and you helpfully remind them that as long as they are learning, they are not a failure, you are sending a message that one day if they don’t learn they are a failure. Humans are not failures. We get things wrong. We make mistakes. We make bad choices. We experience failure. We are not failures. Ever. No matter what. We are people.