Month: May 2017

Into The Fog

If you are about to go on a journey of faith, planning to move in a new direction, or you don’t know where to begin on a major project, take heart and throw your anchor into the veil. Take that first step into the fog, and find the next step when you get there. You don’t have to know what comes next and you may be in a better place than you ever imagined when the fog finally clears.


The Calf Path Pt I

In a changing world we can never be satisfied. Even if you find the best way to do something, there is still a better way to be discovered as new information comes to light.

You Are Not A Failure!

The next time someone fails at something and they utter the words “I’m a failure” and you helpfully remind them that as long as they are learning, they are not a failure, you are sending a message that one day if they don’t learn they are a failure. Humans are not failures. We get things wrong. We make mistakes. We make bad choices. We experience failure. We are not failures. Ever. No matter what. We are people.

Youth Sport and Winning Pt I

Youth coaches are leaving a legacy. They leave behind ripples in the lives of others. If you throw a rock into a lake it creates ripples a long time after the rock is disappeared and at the bottom of the lake. We all leave ripples.