One Time Only – Off-Topic – Net Neutrality

In 2 days the FCC will vote on net neutrality – It will be a similar vote process to the DNC primary last year, and will have a similar impact on the world. If you like the internet, watching Netflix, and not having your ISP tell you which sites to go to, please follow the steps in the post.

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  • Do You Want To Make A Difference?

    You don’t have to change the world, but you do have a choice of paths. Which will you choose today: “I can’t change it, so what’s the point in trying?” or “I made a difference to that one.”?

  • The Pursuit Of Unhappiness. Pt I

    It’s harder to talk to people about what is right, than what is wrong. And we wonder why we’re not happy.

  • I Think I Can – I Think I Can – I… Oh… Pt III

    Not one of us on this planet is able to easily achieve all we ever dreamed of without hard work, failure, missed goals, self-doubt, and most importantly, the support of someone we trust.

  • I Think I Can – I Think I Can – I… Oh… Pt II

    If your goal is to quit smoking and you don’t change your lifestyle, are you sure nothing will be different? If you are struggling with addiction and on the edge of losing everything, are you sure things will be the same5 years from now?

  • I Think I Can – I Think I Can – I… Oh… Pt I

    We’re coming up to Christmas and all the business that brings. We start to put off plans and thoughts for the New Year. Why? Because a New Year being a New Start!
    Except it doesn’t.

  • Ten Reasons To Give Up Your Goals

    At the end of the day, there is one reason, and only one that you won’t work at the goals you want to achieve. You want to do other things more.
    If you do want to meet your goals, start with just 15 minutes today. The worst case scenario is that you have spent 15 minutes doing something you want to do.

  • Are You Practicing Or Rehearsing? Pt II

    Practice is what they do to get better so when they meet their teams or get into the environment where we can apply new tricks they are ready to go. And there, in a nutshell is the differentiating factor – practice improves the individual, rehearsal improves the group.

  • Are You Practicing or Rehearsing? Pt I

    If there is something you can work on, practice it and then take it to rehearsal to see how it can work to improve the team or group. Don’t wait until a skill is needed, bring the solution before the problem arises. The worst case scenario is that you improve yourself, and that is never a bad thing.

  • Social Mehdia Pt II – Thoughts & Prayers

    I believe that the #thoughtsandprayers phenomena is just one more symptom of Covfefe disorder where we want to move on quickly to the next thing, but we also want to feel we’ve done something. We need to slow down.


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